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The course itself consists of 7 lessons, an ID game, and a final exam. Each lesson is listed on the left, however if you hit continue during each lesson the course will move you though each lesson without you having to worry about missing a section.  If you need to come back and work later on then you will be able to click the lesson you left off with to continue. The ID simulation game can be played anytime to practice your skills at identifying whether or not you should serve someone. The lessons will also discuss what you need to look for in each id as well. Students have the option to email the instructors questions if they need anything answered. This page answers the biggest question of all: "What is the course itself like?

Opening Page

When you open the course you will see an introductory flash and links to the left showing what lessons are available. Each page is timed to ensure you read the content and to meet time requirements.  A continue button will appear on the bottom to begin the lessons.

Skills Acessment

A knowledge assessment will show at the beginning of the lessons to pre-quiz your knowledge about the section. This portion is not graded, however, it helps you get used to the format of the quizzes and final quizzes.

Case Study

The lessons will present several case studies to allow you to understand the information in an applied situation.  These story problems allow you to analyze the situation and decide the best course of actions.


Videos allow you to witness the action inside the bar and help you evaluate and understand the decisions being made. They also help you witness the behaviors shown to better allow you to identify these behaviors at your work place.

Flash cards

Flash cards are shown at the end of the lessons to allow you to review the information you just learned and allow you to learn some of the questions in the quiz after it.  To take the quiz hit the continue at the bottom of this page (Note: there will be a quiz information page prior to that).


Once you have completed each lesson you can click the control panel button on the bottom left of the page to review your scores.  It is important to check this between all quizzes to ensure your grades are being recorded. You can also review you student information, print your certificate, review your course log ins, and edit your view options for the course.


The Id sim game listed, on the left above the final exam, allows you to practice checking ids of customers before serving them. You have the option to card them or serve them.  If you card them you can identify whether or not this id is fake, underage, unacceptable, or that you should take order. This is similar to the simulation of the Mixology course.

South Dakota Alcohol Certification Course